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2008 inspirations from Twenty 20 Cricket World Cup

Watching India win the Twenty 20 Cricket World Cup (a cricket format still in its infancy), without the heavy weights of the Sachins, and Gangulis, I am reminded of His Majesty’s speech to the grads of 2006.

“I am confident that the younger generation will serve the country by not just showing up to work but working with innovation and dynamism; by not just doing business but creating new types of businesses and services; by not just saying they love the country but showing it in action and deed and; by not just speaking of Gross National happiness but showing how to implement it.”

These were the words of His Majesty (as the then Trongsa Penlop) at the 2006 Graduates’ Orientation Program.

Can you imagine Indian Cricket without Sachin? Without any of the familiar names, India came into this world cup in South Africa – a team that everybody wrote off. A team full of young men without much proven track record – led by a young captain with a funky hair style, from rural India – his first ever tournament. This victory almost reads like the script of the recent Bollywood blockbuster “Chuck De.”

This is where Bhutan has reached. 2008 is all together a new ball game to play. With new rules, and without any of the familiar heavy weights. But if we work hard towards it, we can become a part of a proud moment in the history of our great kingdom.

Our next door neighbors just proved it’s do-able…., in a game of cricket.

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