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A Birthday Tribute for His Majesty the 4th King

His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck our beloved 4th King turns 52 today. 11th of November is a very special day for all of us because His Majesty means so much to all of us. Trying to blog about what His Majesty means to me has been very difficult – there is just too much to talk about. After many unsuccessful tries, I finally gave up, and scoured the web for an appropriate post for this important day. I came across this article by TsheringG posted on on the 6th of September 2006. Enjoy reading, and join me in wishing His Majesty a very happy birthday.

In Praise of His Majesty’s Selfless Service to the People and the Country

Blessed by many lamas and abound with natural beauty, the Kingdom of Bhutan lies amidst the Great Himalayan range. This peaceful landlocked country is ruled by the incomparable leader, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the fourth hereditary king in the line of succession. He was born on the 11th of November 1955, coinciding with the Male Wood Sheep Year, as prophesied by Tertoen Drukda Dorje.

Beginning from his childhood days, he was given strict education and training in the field of administration so as to enable him to be able to shoulder the responsibilities of the nation when he ascended the golden throne on 2nd June 1974.

With the beginning of his reign, changes took place throughout the country. People of all levels experienced improvement in their lifestyles. Out of the many changes, if some are to be mentioned, are such as the extension of road network with the construction of feeder roads, construction of major electric projects and electrification of most of the rural areas, supply of clean drinking water and so on. The most recent and significant changes are the increase in the number of ministries from six to ten, which was aimed at greater effectiveness and smooth functioning of administrative machinery on the part of the government, in order to be able to give greater emphasis in each field, and the drawing of the draft constitution for the country.

The construction of various industries, hydro projects, institutions and other organisations that took place under His Majesty’s leadership does not go unnoticed too. His Majesty’s great concern for the education of all Bhutanese citizens was brought on smooth paths with the introduction of Non-formal Education throughout the kingdom. With the introduction of this system of education, those who missed primary education in their early ages became accessible to modern system of education.

Agriculture, which forms the backbone of our country was given major importance by His Majesty. About 80% of the Bhutanese population are farmers and in a way the source of food for the country. The introduction of modern machinery such as power tillers and harvesters, distribution of improved variety of seeds and fertilizers and the promotion of new bred varieties of cattle on the farmland are some of the outstanding services of His Majesty, which reduced the heavy burden on the people and at the same time increased their agricultural products.

Foreign relation is no less appreciable. His Majesty strengthened the existing relations with outside countries and also established close links with many other countries. Through these relations, Bhutan has been receiving many assistance for its development. His Majesty’s excellent perception of the situations of the world has left everlasting impressions on the minds of the foreign dignitaries with whom he had an audience.

When it comes to national security, His Majesty is the first person to be mentioned and appreciated. The selfless and dedicated acts that he performed, risking his own royal life for the welfare of the country and the people, are really beyond the expression of words and the speech of tongue.

Unlike other kings of the world, His Majesty’s interest is to talk to the people directly. He, therefore, travels throughout the country, meeting people, talking to them and knowing their problems directly from themselves. His Majesty tries to involve all the people from all levels of life, in the decision making process, because he feels that the people themselves can understand their problems the best. In fact, the system of decentralisation of administration has been aimed at such participation of the people.

Due to the unprecedented peace and harmony under His Majesty’s dynamic leadership, his people have developed a great love and respect for him, and that to them, their king is like a jewel which can grant any wish. People’s gratitude for His Majesty, for their peaceful and prosperous lives knows no bound. They sing it in the form of songs and chant it in the form of prayers, but still they feel that they have not been able to express the whole of their gratitude.

The glorious reign of His Majesty has created unwavering peace and happiness in the kingdom. Under his leadership. the country has achieved many progresses in various areas, strengthened national security, established close links with other countries and started various institutions, all leading to the welfare and well being of the citizens of Bhutan.

The gratitude and appreciation that the citizens of Bhutan have for His Majesty have been best expressed through the celebrations of some auspicious days coinciding with various important dates in the Bhutanese history.

Till date, His Majesty has led the country through the rough and smooth times. Henceforth, we pray for His Majesty’s health and everlasting peace, happiness and prosperity of the country and the people. May the Triple Gem bless upon our Kingdom.

Pelden Drukpa – Gyello! Pelden Drukpa – Gyello! Pelden Drukpa – Gyello!

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#1 dawa zangmo on 11.11.08 at 6:29 pm

many many happy returns of the day to our beloved king.

we always pray for you.