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Bold Bhutan Beckons

Hotel Mike and His Warriors! What a strange name for a chapter I though as I leafed through the book.

It turns out that the chapter Hotel Mike and His Warriors is about the ULFA BODO conflict of 2003. And was it a gripping read.

 Bold Bhutan Beckons

The war is over, the battle is won. Happy days are back again. And with time, as is our human nature, we have forgotten about the lives lost, and the sacrifices made. We were on the brink of loosing our sovereignty. I salute Hotel Mike, and I salute his brave warriors.

Tshering Tashi, a veteran from the ULFA BODO conflict writes about his experiences about fighting armed militants in the jungles of southern Bhutan. These stories are what every Bhutanese would love to hear more about. His meticulous memory of Hotel Mike’s words, give us a rare insight into the mind of one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known.

Bold Bhutan Beckons, which Tshering Tashi co-authors with Tim Fischer, is the only book on Bhutan, which made me feel like I didn’t know my country at all. Hidden villages, mythical animals, vintage Chamberlains – it takes a book to make us realize that we do live in a truly magical kingdom.

Early copies of Bold Bhutan Beckons can be obtained by ordering through Copies of the book are expected to be available in March 2009 and in good bookstores from April 2009.