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Coronation and the Centenary Celebrations 2008 Logo – Why I am not dazzled

On the 16th of June, 2007, the logo for the historic events of the Coronation and the Centenary Celebrations in 2008 were publicly unveiled, after holding a national design competition, with a very handsome cash prize.

The following is the official logo for Coronation and the Centenary Celebrations in 2008.

Bhutan 2008 Coronation and Centenary Celebrations Logo

4 months have passed by, and being a designer myself, I am surprised not to see much activity by the Bhutanese entrepreneurs in designing products and services for 2008 centered around the logo. This has led me to look at the logo closely.


  • Look at our logo for 30 seconds, and try to remember it. Can you remember it? Look at it longer. Can you remember all the details?
  • From a 3rd party’s point of view, how easy will it be to reproduce the logo on a t-shirt? Say I want to produce caps with the logo embroidered. Even the most advanced embroidery machine cannot reproduce this logo. And to print it, because of the colours, and the yellow-orange colour gradient, the costs are going to be very high.
  • Say I am a tour operator. How would I use the logo to sell Bhutan? If it wasn’t for the writings in English, a non-Bhutanese would not be able to associate this logo with such an important occasion.

Coronation and the Centenary Celebrations 2008 Logo - multiple color


  • The text “CENTENARY CORONATION” does not work well with the overall design. It looks like it was added as an after thought.
  • The 2 0s in “100” that appears across the Raven Crown would have been more effective if the 0s did not have the white fill inside. The Raven Crown should have been visible through the 0s.
  • The Dzongkha text “DRUK” looks squashed vertically.

Coronation and the Centenary Celebrations 2008 Logo - problems Un-functional

No doubt the logo is beautiful to look at, and it is indeed sacred to us because it has the Raven Crown. The momentous occasion that the logo symbolizes is sacred. It has very beautiful symbolic meanings. But in my opinion, it is not functional. And an un-functional logo is not a great logo.


#1 Soulshadow on 10.30.07 at 4:13 am

hello everyone,

i think wht au galey have mentioned about the logo is right. coz me too as a design student i feel logo needs a little improvement.. like if u look at the 100 written in dzongkha is not very smooth. i think the curve should be bhutanese..will share more if i see some more…


#2 tship on 10.30.07 at 1:39 pm

hey …. yea au u are absolutely right …even i think that CENTENARY CORONATION is not happening at all …and the rain bow lines are too rough …and too thin…

i hope they change

c ya au say hi to all …

#3 pasa on 10.31.07 at 4:34 am

Yeah…the “CENTENARY CORONATION” is NOT HAPPENING at all! And I agree on the two zeros.
As an outsider, I would like to note that the most prestigious logo of the century lacks GOLDEN PROPORTION and is not FUNCTIONAL at all!!!
I think the concerned authority SHOULD DO SOMETHING about it…before the outsiders comment on how stupid our Bhutanese designers are!!!


#4 ugyen on 10.31.07 at 6:25 am

No Comments!!

#5 Nomatshu on 12.08.07 at 1:06 pm

CENTENARY CORONATION !!! a great news and national event to celebrate. but looking at the logo!!! come on man, this is self (one man) cooked logo.

1. The rainbows are too thin and artifially unusual

2. ‘CENTENARY CORONATION’ celebration doesnt fit well as well (it spoils the smoothness of the logo)

3. The letter ‘100’ inscribed on the crown, if read from yellowish color view, all three letters are of different shapes and sizes, and if viewed from white color, the letters are too incomplete.

4. The tail part of the letter ‘1’ is shapeless and doesnt signify or resemble any of the bhutanese symbols/letters

5.and the more you look closer it looks like a crown entangled in a spider web.

6. as mentioned above, if you look at this logo for 30 sec. and then try to remember, you cant make anything out of it. it lacks a catchy item there….

6. Anyway the crown itself describes everything and besides its majestic look, i owe a deep respect for it.

rest i leave to ones judgement

#6 aku on 12.23.07 at 12:10 am

I strongly agree with you guys. For such a big, once in a life time auspicious occassion, the LOGO is an eye sore to people looking forward to the Centenary celebration. The concerned authorities should have made it a competition among selected designers in the country. They would have come up with a logo much much better than this. I am sure that there wasn’t any designer in the committee that chose this logo.
my comments on the logo: 1 looks like a question mark, and it strikes the mind, What is This?
100 distorts and partially hides our prestigious Raven Crown.
Let us make a Logo for the 1st Anniversary of our Fifth King’s Coronation. Let us unveil it in 2009. Start thinking and start working on it.

#7 Looking back at 2007 | Bhutan, 2008 and beyond on 12.29.07 at 2:17 pm

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#8 Drupgyu on 02.19.08 at 10:03 am

The official logo might be a good design for a postage stamp but, as you say, it doesn’t suit the purpose.

It is much too busy and the colouring is a problem if you try use on any background but white.

It is not going to be changed now but the department responsible should at least produce an official B&W line drawing version for people to use.

#9 Des Perate on 03.05.08 at 1:32 am

Tell me, anyone, is this coronation going to happen? If so, when?
Yours in anticipation, Des.

#10 soonamx on 03.09.08 at 9:35 am


what a great logo designed for the cenetary conoration.

well done. keep it up.

#11 Ugyen on 09.05.08 at 4:20 am

the two zeros are obstructing the visibility of the designs on the crown, and the rainbow lines could be bade bolder with colors unified with one other…..

#12 dallas on 10.02.08 at 2:27 am

what does the logo signify, i just wanted to find out cause every logo signifies something.
will previous logo be removed ?

#13 tsheringwk on 10.22.08 at 11:38 pm

looks fine but could do much better

#14 kelzang on 10.28.08 at 9:55 pm

excellent design,thats all we (general public) need

#15 jim on 11.22.08 at 9:51 am

as i being a guide one of my guest asked that the number written in bhutanese language is not that visible….any how who ever made it was quite ok