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On the descending day of the Buddha

This years Lha Bab Due Chen fell on the 1st of November, 2007. I visited the Thimphu Dzong and Dechenphug.

Not many people were at the Dzong – I had a very relaxed time, enough time to chat with the Koeners (monk care-taker) about statues and wall paintings.

Dechenphug was a different story. There was a queue starting from the parking lot, which snaked around and into the Lhakhang. A majority of these visitors were young boys and girls. People talk about our youth not being religiously inclined. Think again…

Thimphu Dzong


Young Spirituality at Dechenphug

Dechenphug - Young Spirituality

Spiritual Enterprise at Dechenphug

Monk selling trinkets outside Dechenphug

Basic Enterprise at Dechenphug

Momo hawkers outside Dechenphug

Buddha Descended only on Some

Work as usual outside the Dechenphug for the Indian workers


#1 Ugyen Karma on 03.30.08 at 2:09 pm

Beautiful pictures and nice article. Please do keep putting up more. I am a daily viewer of your blog but I never leave any comments. I look forward to seeing what’s happening in Bhutan in the most recent time.


#2 Charles Keil on 04.17.08 at 4:15 am

I was wondering if there is any celebration of Buddha’s “enlightenment day” which some calculate as being the 8th day of December. I try to celebrate this day in some way each year.
Is there a book or article you can recommend about Buddhism in Bhutan? Are there slightly different traditions at each monastery as in Tibet?

#3 gerd on 11.04.08 at 9:33 am

Beautiful pictures. I think the people of Bhutan toll, and pray that China has never been the same with makes such Bhutan with the Tibetan people. May the gods Bhutan forever protect and help.