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Happiness of every single citizen – K5 addresses the 2008 grads

“I enjoy talking to you all not just because it is my duty but because we will be starting our lives together and ending our careers together. When we retire 20 or 30 years later, let us pass on the country proudly into younger hands. Our responsibilities, country, goals and fates are the same. We will see each other grow old, and more importantly, we will see each other become wiser, more capable, more intelligent and we will see each other serve our country. I pray that you will serve yourselves, your parents and family as well as the country capably and with dedication. I wish you all Tashi Delek.”

His Majesty at the 2006 National Day celebrations in Thimphu

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It is no longer enough to say I am the best in Bhutan – His Majesty addresses the graduates of 2007

There are only three things that I always keep in mind when I am working – three things that influence all decisions that I take. The first is the peace, security and prosperity for Bhutan now and in the future. Second issue that I consider very important for our country’s future is the achievement of the goals of Gross National Happiness. The third is building a vibrant democracy for our country.

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Creativity, innovation and enterprise – the future of Bhutan

“We must work hard, we must make our country stronger, more secure and richer year after year” said His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

His Royal Highness was addressing the 777 university graduates at the conclusion of the graduates orientation programme in Thimphu on Thursday.

His Royal Highness reminded the graduates that as they embarked on their future careers they must always bear in mind that the Bhutan of today was born out of the hard work and sacrifices of many generations of Bhutanese.

Even beyond this, it had taken immense hard work and the visionary leadership of His Majesty the King since 1972, to bring Bhutan from a period of great uncertainty to one of peace and prosperity. Today Bhutan is not only a strong and secure nation but one on the path to democracy. Such a country with strong foundations was now being handed over to the people.

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