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National Day 2006 – The 5th King’s first public address

Addressing the nation on the auspicious occasion of the National Day of Bhutan, I find myself at a loss of words. For 34 years, His Majesty the King has been the heart and essence of the nation, her King and guardian, our parent and inspiration.

The immense achievements of His Majesty including the legacy of a sound democratic constitutional monarchy are milestones not only in the history of our small kingdom, but of the world.

I believe this momentous occasion is a time for reflection. For deep in our hearts as Bhutanese citizens, we will be able to see beyond the pain of His Majesty’s selfless act, and find that this special nation built by His Majesty, is left to none other than the people of Bhutan. Such devolution is a source of great optimism for our future. For I share His Majesty’s complete faith in the people and I believe that we will, as His Majesty has bestowed today, leave to our own children such a gift in 30 years.

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