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His Majesty in Trongsa

People around the country are adding a new item to their chhoesham (altar), the spiritual heart of a Bhutanese home. This is the folder that carries the portrait of His Majesty and a commemorative Coronation coin. As Lepta, 85, from Bji Pam, said, placing the portrait on his head: “This sung-ki is a gift from my King, the gift of a lifetime.”

On December 10 and 11, thousands of people gathered in Trongsa to offer Thridar to His Majesty the King on his first visit to the dzongkhag after the Coronation. They came from every corner of Trongsa and from dzongkhags of central Bhutan to celebrate His Majesty and the royal presence with songs and dances.

Children in Merak - Eastern Bhutan..

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